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Visit us in October!

Celebrate the beginning of fall with Hickory Hill!
Festivities run from 6:00pm until dark on October 7th, October 14th, October 21st, and October 28th.
We will have horse drawn hay rides, a corn maze, farm tours, live music, barbecue, and of course our delicious milk!
The price is $5/person and $25 for an entire family.

What do Clemson Blue Cheese and Hickory Hill Milk have in common?

Both Clemson Blue Cheese and Hickory Hill Milk are managed by Watson and Lisa Dorn! That's right; Clemson has named Lisa and Watson Dorn the Managing Partners of Clemson's famous and historic Blue Cheese operations. Click to find out more.

Want to sell Hickory Hill Milk?

Contact Watson Dorn at Hickory Hill Milk or one of our distributors:

Hickory Hill Milk Is...

Old-fashioned whole milk - the way Nature intended, and guaranteed to be rBGH (artificial hormone) free. All of our milk is non-homogenized, allowing the cream to rise to the top. Sound delicious? It is - find out for yourself or Visit Our Farm and see what makes Hickory Hills dairy products different from the rest.

Robert I. Carey MD PhD FACS

I choose Hickory Hill Milk for my family because it is a whole, minimally processed food � milk as it was intended to be consumed by humans. Hickory Hill Milk is whole, non-homogenized, low temperature pasteurized milk produced on a family farm that ensures the quality of their product from the time that a calf is born on their farm to the time that the bottle of milk leaves their on-site family owned milk-processing plant.

Does the farm really matter? At Hickory Hill Farm, trespassers will be impressed... read more