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Visit us in October!

Celebrate the beginning of fall with Hickory Hill!
Festivities run from 6:00pm until dark on October 8th, October 15th, October 22nd, and October 29th.
We will have horse drawn hay rides, a corn maze, farm tours, live music, barbecue, and of course our delicious milk!
The price is $5/person and $25 for an entire family.

Want to sell Hickory Hill Milk?

Contact Watson Dorn at Hickory Hill Milk or one of our distributors:

Hickory Hill Milk Is...

Old-fashioned whole milk - the way Nature intended, and guaranteed to be rBGH (artificial hormone) free. All of our milk is non-homogenized, allowing the cream to rise to the top. Sound delicious? It is - find out for yourself or Visit Our Farm and see what makes Hickory Hills dairy products different from the rest.

Robert I. Carey MD PhD FACS

I choose Hickory Hill Milk for my family because it is a whole, minimally processed food � milk as it was intended to be consumed by humans. Hickory Hill Milk is whole, non-homogenized, low temperature pasteurized milk produced on a family farm that ensures the quality of their product from the time that a calf is born on their farm to the time that the bottle of milk leaves their on-site family owned milk-processing plant.

Does the farm really matter? At Hickory Hill Farm, trespassers will be impressed... read more